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A variety of fan sizes and horsepowers for Positive and/or Negative Pressure Ventilation, Smoke Ejection and Specialty Uses.  Units from 8" to 80" with power sources that include:  Electric, Gas, Hydraulic, Battery, and Compressed Air.

The heart of these units is the patented, cast aluminum, 4 blade, recurve propeller designed specifically for smoke ejection.  Power comes from your choice of Totally Enclosed (S) or Hazardous Location Electric motors.

Rescue operations demand fast and reliable cutting equipment.  These high performance ventilation and cutoff saws are designed to meet the specific needs of the fire and rescue service.

Machines for smoke training, confined spaces and other specialty applications.

Super Vac offers a number of products that help you control your environment.  Many times emergency personnel are faced with blowing snow, driving rain or blazing sun.  These products can help lessen the effect the environment has on you, your personnel and your patients.

Accessories for the SuperVac Products

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