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Machines for smoke training, confined spaces and other specialty applications.

Smoke training used to be a nightmare for teachers using glycol based smokers that frequently clogged, produced rapidly dissipating smoke that burned when inhaled, and left slippery residue on surfaces. That all changed with the introduction of Super Vac 's new self cleaning, mineral oil based, Cloud 9Smoker,which produces huge amounts of pure white smoke, doesn't cause breathing discomfort, has superior hang time, and leaves no slippery residue. The Cloud 9 Smoker features the Automatic Clean Cycle, (ACC) that kicks in every time the machine is used. Change your next training nightmare into a dream, with the Cloud 9 Smoker machine from Super Vac.

The London Fogger has been designed with safety and reliability in mind. Every unit is equipped with the exclusive Auto Extract System (AES) that extracts fluid from the heating module after smoke production. The AES prevents residual build-up, clogging, and reduces incidental puffing. Each unit comes complete with a remote control on a 50 foot extension cord to make that next training exercise go extra smooth. And with the AES, you are guaranteed that the first puff of smoke won't be the last. So the next time you need some serious training smoke, call on the Super Vac London Fogger.

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