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A variety of fan sizes and horsepowers for Positive and/or Negative Pressure Ventilation, Smoke Ejection and Specialty Uses.  Units from 8" to 80" with power sources that include:  Electric, Gas, Hydraulic, Battery, and Compressed Air.

Tough aircraft alloy blades, specifically designed for use on PPV fans, provide the perfect combination of low noise and high output. 

Electric Positive Pressure fans allow clean air ventilation with no engine noise or exhaust fumes.  The aluminum airfoil blades are a tough aircraft alloy and are designed to withstand the high radiant heat found on fire scenes.

Units provide a combination of quick set-up and clean, quiet airstreams.  They can be used in remote locations, without nearby power generation.

These fans can be used for positive or negative pressure ventilation.  They have the power to force or pull air deep into a structure or underground vault.

the "New" Econoline Series is an economic fan option that still meets the demanding needs of the fire service.  

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